In 2035 Europe is a Federal State

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In 2035 Europe is a Federal State

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Dear Friends,

I would like to send you an abridged version of an essay entitled 'In 2035 Europe will be a federal state' by Dr Leo Klinkers, President of the Federal Alliance of European Federalists (FAEF). I would very much appreciate it if you would read this abridged version. See here how Leo Klinkers introduces this essay.
Best european Greetings
Javier Giner
"To all those who aspire to the United States of Europe.

Through various publications in recent years, I have drawn attention to the fact that many systemic errors will implode the European Union's system of states. A recently published book - The inevitability of a new world war by Dr. Ingo Piepers - provides the analytical framework with which I can substantiate in detail that prediction - the collapse of the EU.

Piepers shows why, between 1480 and 1945, four system wars/crises ravaged Europe and how, after each system war/crisis, a new system of states emerged. The last systemic war of 1939-1945 produced the global system of states of the United Nations. And from 1951 a new European system of states.

In the essay I show how a new crisis is building up in Europe from 1951 onwards as part of the global crisis which, according to the analytical framework of Piepers, will break out very soon. After which both the United Nations system of states and Europe's system of states will take on federal form and substance. 

So, as not to burden you with the full version of the essay, I am only sending you the text up to and including the Introduction. But if you want to download the full text now, you can click here.
You can also click on this link::

Do yourself the pleasure of reading my essay. If only to be prepared for what is to come.
Kind regards,
Leo Klinkers
President, "Federal Alliance of European Federalists"
In 2035 Europe is a federal state shortened version.pdf
EU Federation with a Federal Constitution
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