A Federal Europe: The way out of the crisis

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A Federal Europe: The way out of the crisis

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A report of the Spinelli Group suggests a way to break the deadlock over the multiannual financial framework (MFF). We recommend restructuring the EU budget into federal and confederal parts. Eurobonds could then be launched without changing the treaty or breaking the balanced budget rule, and at no extra cost to national treasuries. Only if the EU acts federally will it acquire the common fiscal policy it needs to invest in economic recovery.

Find the report here: https://www.federalists.eu/fileadmin/fi ... 200428.pdf

Andrew Duff, President of the Spinelli Group, and former UEF President

Was ist das MFF überhaupt? https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/poli ... framework/
Mit europäischen Grüßen,
Heinrich Kümmerle

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