PLUX Online: No Quarantine for Democracy

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PLUX Online: No Quarantine for Democracy

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We are happy to invite you all this Thursday to PLUX Online, with the European Federalists !

PLUX - /Plʌks/ : The Place du Luxembourg is better known by locals in Brussels by one of its nicknames, Place Lux or Plux. Before Corona, Plux used to host the main afterwork drinks of the Eurobubble, especially on Thursday evenings, and with it lots of discussions on the EU issues of the day, of course

Do you miss those Thursday evenings or you are far away from Brussels but you always wanted to join one? Our PLUX ONLINE wants to be an informal place for conversation on the EU topics of the day, with one or more guest speakers at your disposal.

Join us online on THURSDAY 21 May at 18h00 CEST on ZOOM
Meeting ID: 850 2961 2416

This week's event is dedicated to the challenges Democracy and Rule of Law are facing these days. We have invited MEP Anna Donáth (RE, Hungary) and Eszter Nagy from the European Federalists Hungary to discuss with you!
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Mit europäischen Grüßen,
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