EU Federal Constitution

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EU Federal Constitution

Beitrag von javier »

Open letter to my young federalist friends
by Lorenzo Sparviero

Dear federalist friends,

the time to achieve the objective of a federal Europe, which we all have hoped for and which we have been talking about for decades, is now more than ripe but … provided that we understand and we all agree on what a federation is and how we can create it. The creation of a European Federation can be properly accomplished only by avoiding to repeat the mistakes that have characterized the ” zigzagging ” history of European federalism since its origins till today.

You know the old saying ”do what we tell you but don’t do what we do”?
The main causes of European federalism movements failure is still a widespread ignorance about what federalism really means and how it works. Therefore it is quite impossible to create an “European unitary federal movement” at many levels: organisational, legal and political.

Only by avoiding a self-defeating attitude and bad practices characterizing all European federalism movements since the 40s we will be able to build up a Federal Europe that we wish to create.
It is the widespread ignorance of what the federalism is and how it really works and the incomprehensible incapability  to create a “European unitary federal movement” at the organisational , legal and political levels.

A federal union that really work should be founded as follows :
– based on a Constitution “of the people and for the people” understood, shared and approved by a large majority. This constitution must be drafted by specialists in federal law making;
– organized on the basis of the vertical division of powers, so a federal body will take care of all common issues and interests of the federation, leaving full independence and autonomy to the member states for the pursuit of their legitimate interests and the protection of their cultures, traditions and peculiarities;
– and last but not least, it cannot be achieved through treaties between member states, as is the case in the past and today with the EU, because treaties are legal instruments that are not compatible with a federal system due to the fact that, with treaties, national interest always prevails over common interests.

Therefore – and I will finish here my open letter – I am glad to share with you a great achievement: we officially registered in The Hague our Federal Alliance of the European Federalists  (F.A.E.F) a federal structure for all European organisations, associations and movements: an indispensable instrument to strengthen the organisational degree of movements that wish to federalise Europe.

We thus have a unique and historic opportunity, which is growing in strength of “federating the federalists”, for the very first time in European history

We cannot further postpone the opportunity for EU to become a United States of Europe, but we need to act now!

Long live the Federal Europe!

Lorenzo Sparviero
Co-founder and member of the Board of FAEF
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Leonhard Reinwald
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Re: EU Federal Constitution

Beitrag von Leonhard Reinwald »

I can fully agree with the intention of the letter.

We have to use the opportunities to create an European Federation. Furthermore one of the important problems to create an European Federation is the knowledge about federalism.

That is why the council of the JEF Germany created a task force to discuss the federalist principles and as the next step to raise awareness in the JEF what federalism actually is. As a part of this group I learned that federalism in itself has a lot of different approaches. That is why we have to further discuss federalism and how we want to structure an European Federation.

On the other hand we should not forget to reach the common people and convince them of the benefits of a united and federal Europe.
Europäische Grüße
Leonhard Reinwald
Lorenzo Sparviero
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Re: EU Federal Constitution

Beitrag von Lorenzo Sparviero »

Dear Leonhard ,
I am really happy that you agree on the intention of my”open letter to the young federalists” and I  congratulate with JEF Germany for the decisions taken of raising awareness of its activists on what the federalism actually is (and “how it works”) and on how structuring an European Federation. 
I wish to inform you that FAEF’s two foundative pillars are : “Federate the federalists” and “educate the european citizens on what the federalism is” ( an how it works). 
They are exactly the same objectives of your  teaching and organisational programmes.
As I’ve written in my “open letter” the europeanist associations and movements can become members of FAEF (which has been designed as a Federation of the european organisations willing to create the United States of Europe).
About this , my final proposal is: why don’t you put this issue in the JEF Germany’s agenda? 
Our doors  are wide open! We’d be honoured to have JEF Germany among the first members of the FAEF!
European greetings.

Lorenzo Sparviero
Co founder and FAEF board member
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Re: EU Federal Constitution

Beitrag von Heinrich »

Dear Lorenzo,

Despite the fact that it is always welcome when people start a new endeavour, and most welcome when they have similar or even the same objectives, like the FAEF has, it is a little bit "strange" when the new FAEF which is more or less an offspring of the UEF and the JEF asks both organisations to join it.

Please take notice, that the only difference seems to be, that you now concentrate your endeavours on a Federal Constitution, and in addition want to achieve this in one very special way (article 20).

Better would be, if FAEF becomes a subgroup of UEF and JEF to promote a Federal Constitution. This would resemble all the people who want to enforce this endeavour, and still give the rest of the Federalists the chance to find other ways or alternatives to reach our common goal.

But still, it is more than welcome that the FAEF is willing to promote a Federal Constitution, and this with a new and strong momentum.

And there is always room for more than three organisations to promote this.

By the way, this could be very interesting for you also: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=147
Mit europäischen Grüßen,
Heinrich Kümmerle

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