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Schieflage in schwierigen Zeiten!

Verfasst: 17 Jul 2020, 13:59
von Heinrich
Als ehrenamtlich tätiger Europäischer Föderalist ist es tragisch mit ansehen zu müssen, wie Berufspolitiker und ihre Lakaien rein aus persönlichen oder Parteiinteressen heraus unserem Verband schaden und diesen sehenden Auges gegen die Wand fahren.

Das Präsidentenamt dient nicht nur zur Selbtdarstellung und Absicherung eines Listenplatzes!

Deswegen stelle ich eine E-Mail hier zur Verfügung, die von zwei frisch zurückgetretenen UEF-Vizepräsidenten, nämlich Pauline Gessant und Christopher Glück stammt. Inzwischen ist auch Dr. Otto Schmuck zurückgetreten, wie auch der Generalsekretär Paolo Vacca. Zudem hat die beste Kraft unseres Verbandes, die UEF Büroleiterin Valentina Presa gekündigt, und Bettina Kümmerle war auch nicht mehr dazu zu bewegen, unter diesen Umständen das Amt des UEF Schatzmeisters zu übernehmen.

Dear FC members, dear sections, dear federalist friends,

Since some of you couldn’t attend the FC this month or had to leave before the end, we wanted to confirm through this email that we, Chris and Pauline, both resigned from our position as Vice-President of UEF-Europe at the end of the last FC.

We are conscious that the resignation of the two JEF Presidents who have most recently transitioned to UEF sends a terrible signal for the unity of our movement and we do not take this lightly. This is why we feel we owe all of you an explanation in addition to our statements during the FC.

We took this decision with a lot of sadness but we thought it was necessary because we care deeply about UEF and we consider it was our responsibility to denounce the way UEF-Europe is currently working. It wasn't an impulsive decision but a carefully considered one, even if it was not an easy one to make.
Importantly, it was not about old conflicts, it is about how we work together and treat each other as activists and volunteers and it is about what we want to achieve with UEF. We cannot stay in a bureau, in which basic values and principles are undermined.

UEF is promoting a federal Europe but we don’t apply the federal principles inside the organisation. Some people put their interests and ambitions first and simply act to impose their views on the European level or to prevent the others from acting in order to control the European level in their own interests. Some even question the utility of having a European level.
We promote democracy and transparency but many decisions are taken behind closed doors outside of the statutory bodies.
We promote responsibility but it is easier to put pressure on the Secretary General to force him to resign rather than considering the collective responsibility.
We promote inclusion but we hardly make room for the new generations to contribute and to be listened to.

Since the Vienna congress in the Autumn of 2018 we have collectively made progress for UEF. Following the loss of the operational grant in early 2018 we have managed to put UEF on a sound financial basis, we reinvented the activity structure of UEF with more seminars and project funding, we made great efforts at supporting our smaller sections and regained political profile in Brussels and beyond.
Throughout this period however we have been subjected to personal attacks by a few members of the bureau who either disagreed with the organisational vision of a strong European level or put their own ambitions first. Especially during the last months, and supposedly on behalf of the national sections they represented, these members of the bureau aimed to focus the entirety of the bureau's work on past internal issues and personalised debates about the SG - all while Europe was going through one of its most transformative moments. Make no mistake, the pressure on Paolo had little to do with the proceedings years ago.

We are unfortunately convinced that UEF's success story since Vienna cannot be continued with the current setup of responsibilities in the bureau. If we stayed, we would send a wrong message of consensus. For us, "this is as good as it gets" has never been good enough. This is why we are federalists. And this is why we say no to this way of running our movement.

We have been involved in the federalist family for many years and we will remain committed to the federalist cause as FC members because we care a lot about UEF. And since we care about UEF, we hope UEF-Europe can change and implement inside its own organisation the same principles and values that UEF promotes for the EU.

We thank you for your confidence. Be sure that we will do our best for a better UEF and a better Europe in the future, always with the constructive approach we have been following for the past years, months and weeks. But for the next weeks, instead of UEF-Europe’s bureau, we will find a more productive place to act.

We remain available for any discussion, cooperation or project you would like to discuss with us.

With federalist regards,

Christopher Glück and Pauline Gessant

Noch heute ist mir völlig unklar, wie man einen Politiker, der bereits die EUROPA-UNION Deutschland fast gegen die Wand gefahren hat, im Anschluss zum UEF-Präsidenten küren konnte.

Und als dieser dann die UEF gegen die Wand gefahren hat, zudem noch versucht, all jene, die den Verband gerade retten, mit haltlosen Anschuldigungen und Drohungen zu bombardieren. Und dabei einen Präsidenten stützen, dem es offensichtlich nur um seine eigene Position und ein Mandat geht.

Ich zolle allen Zurückgetretenen meinen Respekt!

Wenn Parteien die Zukunft Europas in verfeindeten Nationalstaaten sehen, dann sollen sie dies auch öffentlich kundtun und nicht versuchen, den ältesten Verband für die Vereinigten Staaten von Europa zu demontieren!

Die Europäischen Föderalisten aus Lazio nehmen Stellung

Verfasst: 18 Jul 2020, 11:31
von Heinrich
The Regional Committee of MFE Lazio, at the end of the meeting held online on Friday, July 17, intends to contribute to the discussion on the recent events that led to the chain of resignations of some of the highest political positions in UEF.

We would like to thank MFE Tuscany for the open letter and the MFE national secretariat for the prompt response through which an Extraordinary National Committee was convened on the subject.

We are convinced that the next meeting of the National Committee should not become the place to re-discuss the Belgian court ruling or the recent report of the Arbitration Board. Instead, two substantial political points need to be addressed.

First, the way through which the resignation of the outgoing UEF Secretary General, Paolo Vacca, was requested and accepted; second, the political consequences of this choice.

To the best of our knowledge, the statutory bodies and the other appointed responsible structures have not been informed of the intentions of the national secretariat to no longer "trust" the Secretary General of UEF, being reached out ex-post, a fait accompli.

Also, other bodies (particularly, the Federal Committee) have not been consulted to give the opportunity to agree on a mode of action that would have been the fullest expression of a common will of the national organisation.

The initiative of the national secretariat represents a modus operandi in contradiction with the collegial approach on which the last Congress in Bologna was based and, accordingly, the work of the offices and statutory bodies was organised; moreover, it manifests a different approach if compared to the many major political initiatives that have been proposed and implemented in recent months.

Moreover, the consequences of this action are also evident, with the chain resignations of some of the elected members of the European organization - including the three vice-presidents and a member of the Arbitration Board -, among the employees of its secretariat and the withdrawal of the candidature of the incoming Treasurer. We therefore acknowledge an internal political split within the UEF, which needs to be interpreted, managed and resolved in view of the forthcoming developments for the European organisation.

We need to acknowledge that the internal structure of the UEF has been urgently "reorganized", with the election of a new Secretary General and a new Treasurer, with an almost identical dynamic without consulting the statutory bodies of the MFE first - underlining an obligatory haste in the process -, which, combined with the manifested political divisions, leaves us with many doubts about the ability of UEF to resume, in a short time and with the same continuity of programmes, the full political and administrative efficiency that was guaranteed until a few weeks ago.

Finally, we believe that it is essential to reflect on the image that the MFE has provided of itself as a result of this deliberation, further exacerbated by the divergences that the event has created with JEF and with various small and medium-sized sections, including the French one.

The phase of collective commitment, began with March for Europe, had in fact started a process of strengthening of UEF, thanks to the constant collaboration for the common political objective - enhancing the common level of federalist action at a pan-European level - which has been now questioned.

In the opinion of the Regional Committee of MFE Lazio it is important to discuss, in the light of all these observations, which is the model of UEF that the MFE wants to help building in the near future to clarify the doubts that many militants are sharing and how to continue to benefit from the contribution of the militant group which is currently resigning.

We therefore welcome the opportunity to debate within the extraordinary context of the National Committee on Saturday, July 18, rejecting any intentions or discussions that might replicate a "process" to people or facts.

The MFE Lazio Regional Committee hopes for a transparent debate that clarifies the political direction towards which we all want to proceed, in the best interests of the MFE and, above all, of our federalist battle, working together without exclusions to increase our impact.

Rome, 17 July 2020

In representation of the Regional body of MFE Lazio,


Open letter to MFE and UEF

Verfasst: 18 Jul 2020, 11:40
von Heinrich
Open letter to MFE and UEF

In light of the last UEF Federal Committee and the recent crisis that affected the leadership of UEF, the local sections of Aosta, Avellino, Belgioioso, Fano-Pesaro, Gallarate, Genova, Novara, Sondrio, Verbania, and Vibo Valentia, have decided to present the following open letter.

The report by the Arbitration Board of UEF and the resignation of Secretary-General Paolo Vacca, have had serious consequences within UEF bodies, leading to the resignation of Valentina Presa (head of office), three vice presidents: Christopher Glück, Pauline Gessant, and Otto Schmuck, Jacques Ducry (AB member), and, lastly, Bettina Kümmerle from acting treasurer. Furthermore, UEF France has, subsequently, withdrawn its candidacy to host the 2021 UEF Congress, losing the chance of having a European congress on the 70th anniversary of the Treaty that established ECSC.

Although replacements have been made for some positions, it remains clear that UEF is now weakened. Furthermore, considering how rushed these replacements within the EB have been, it is highly probable that UEF will have serious difficulties in the handling of incoming funds and in continuing ongoing projects started by the last administration. In light of the current situation, it is to be expected that the financial stability of UEF is at risk.

This concerning situation has developed within UEF EB, without sections being informed or involved at all. This was, in fact, an internal political dispute among EB members. We do not know if other National sections were informed on the concrete aspects of this issue or its latest developments. Still, undoubtedly, the Italian national section, that, for years, has been appointing the Secretary-General, was not informed on the matter, nor involved in its process. In particular, this matter was not even mentioned during the last FC meeting of MFE (June 20th). Even though, by then, most of the elements and information were available for a collective and joint evaluation of the matter within the entire movement.

This could lead to a concerning drift for the collegial bodies of MFE, which would, eventually, be deprived of their function of preliminary discussion, holding accountable, and evaluating the work of the leadership. These bodies would, therefore, merely be called to ratify decisions already taken by a closed circle of executives. We firmly believe this has to be avoided at all costs. The internal democracy of the movement and its collegiality would suffer in a moment in which the situation following the Covid-19 crisis has created plenty of occasions for political action towards the European federal project that we must exploit as soon as possible. Nonetheless, we are concerned about the internal disputes that have risen and have escalated within UEF, as well as for the loss of credibility for MFE on the European level.

For these reasons, we believe that it is proper to have:

a) A clear explanation of the political reasons that have led to undermining the leadership of UEF, which cannot be due just to the lawsuit in which UEF was recently involved;

b) A real change in the managing of UEF and MFE, committed to transparency within the relations between its bodies and an actual collegiality, as resulted from the last congress in Bologna;

c) A plea for calling an extraordinary meeting of the Federal Committee in September to discuss UEF political stance and the new organizational structure;

On our part, we commit to support any initiative aimed at an increased involvement of members in the choices of the movement and an expanded collaboration and participation within its representative bodies on all levels. Situations as such must be prevented from happening in the first place. At the same time, we must attempt to restore, as much as possible, what has been lost due to recent events.

We, the members of the sections mentioned above, hope for a real improvement in the internal processes, strengthening MFE at the national level and UEF at the European level, as both of them are crucial means for our battle for a Federal Europe.

July 17th, 2020

Re: Schieflage in schwierigen Zeiten!

Verfasst: 18 Jul 2020, 11:43
von Bettina
Am 2. Juli 2020 hatte ich an die EB-Mitglieder sowie an die FC-Mitglieder den anbei gelegten Offenen Brief versenden lassen, damit sich vor allem die Delegierten über meine Bewertungen als acting treasurer noch vor dem FC am 4. Juli 2020 ein Bild machen konnten.