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Historische Archive der Europäischen Union

Verfasst: 21 Apr 2020, 09:39
von Heinrich
Ein Florenzbesuch hat sich schon immer gelohnt; seit es aber die Historischen Archive der Europäischen Union (HAEU) dort gibt, gleich mehrfach. Mehr zu den Archiven finden Sie auf deren Website: ... alArchives

In Bälde werden auch die Archive der EUROPA-UNION Baden-Württemberg (unter EUBW) als auch der EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn (unter EUHN) dort einsehbar sein.

Da sich bei den HAEU bereits auch die Archive der UEF und der JEF (Europa), sowie weiterer UEF Organisationen befinden, wäre es gut, wenn sich auch die EUROPA-UNION insgesamt dazu durchringen könnte, und ihre Archive ebenfalls bei den HAEU hinterlegen.

Das Schöne daran ist, dass auch die meisten Europäischen Föderalisten ihre persönlichen Archive dort hinterlegt haben und damit über unseren Verband und seine Geschichte von Florenz aus geforscht werden könnte.

Die Historischen Archive der Europäischen Union zu 70 Jahren Europatag

Verfasst: 09 Mai 2020, 10:22
von Bettina
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, the Historical Archives of the European Union has prepared a multi-lingual exhibition “Europe and Europeans 1950>2020: 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration”, available for download by any Organisation interested in hosting the exhibition.

The exhibition aims at raising awareness of the importance of the Schuman Declaration in European integration history, stimulating reflection on its relevance in today’s Europe, and encouraging debate on the history of the European Union (EU).

The physical inauguration at the HAEU and in numerous hosting organisations was originally planned on Europe Day 2020. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, its inauguration was postponed to later dates, once the HAEU and the hosts will have fully resumed their operations.

Against this background, the HAEU developed a dedicated online platform at now available to enjoy the exhibition digitally anywhere in the world.

The visitor is invited to take a journey through European history via two distinct but interconnecting paths, enriched by different QR codes linked to various audio and video materials.

The first path aims to show how the principles underlying the Schuman Declaration are reflected in the European integration process.

Guided by key sentences of the Declaration, the visitor experiences important political, economic, social and cultural developments of the last 70 years in Europe. Through a selection of audiovisual materials and documents, the exhibition highlights important steps in the European integration process and in the development of common policies at the European level.

The second path sets out to stimulate reflection on what it means to be European through a dialogue between past and present.

The visitor discovers different figures, both men and women, who played a role in the diffusion of European ideas and in the development of common policies. Furthermore, the exhibition sheds light on the perception of Europe by its citizens, and allows for reflections about the meaning of being European.

Interested in hosting the exhibition digitally or in print ?

The exhibition has been conceived in a way that it can be downloaded in different formats and languages by anybody who would like to display it, either digitally or in print. The host may choose between an exhibition to be printed on stand-alone panels or on standard A1-sized posters. The HAEU makes also available a catalogue on each of the themes of the exhibition in the form of A3-sized newspapers, as well as a set of facsimile documents for visitors to take home. Currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Slovenian, the HAEU is working in cooperation with hosts to translate it into other languages.

Contact the HAEU at or by phone: (+39) 055 4685 649.

Download the exhibition for print ... eclaration and consult the dedicated online platform: